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Re: Not Escaping the World

Oct 29, 1995 02:09 PM
by Richtay

Eldon wrote:

<This is a different approach from some spiritual paths that teach
> that our goal is to escape the necessity of physical incarnation,
> and to seek rebirth on higher planes (globes).>

Jerry S.:
> Eldon, you have preached this before. Could you please
> give us an example of such a "spiritual path." I am not aware of
> any, while you sound like you know several.
If I could butt in here for a moment -- some schools of thought that teach
escape from this plane to other ones:

Christianity (rebirth in heaven)
Pure Land in Buddhism (rebirth in the pure land)
Jainism (escape from the world where killing is necessary)
Nichiren Buddhism (chant Nam-myo-ho-re-gye-kyo to be reborn in the pure land)
Gnosticism (rebirth in the pleroma)
Judaism (heaven)
Islam (heaven)

There are lots more, these just spring to mind.


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