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Re: To Paul re steiner-l

Oct 02, 1995 07:24 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Paul and the others.

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Nothing at all. However, to use theosophical ideas but claim
> to derive them elsewhere looks somewhat manipulative. Another
> who did that was Max Heindel.

But theosophical ideas come elsewhere, Blavatsky herself said that all
theosophical ideas can be found in every religions and in myriad books
around time and place. As theosophist here use to say; theosophical
world view is a collection of ancient wisdom which has existed always.
But you are right that TS has promoted them a lot, but we can't copyright

If somebody has a part of the truth and operates by this knowledge, I
think it is good, it is not so important, where the information comes.

> As individuals, of course that's possible. Organizationally,
> don't hold your breath. (Sorry, that's an idiom-- meaning it
> won't happen anytime soon.)

Yes, I think you are right. I want to return to my original issue, which
was to invite people at STEINER-L to participitate our THEOS-L, I suppose
not very many would come anyway, since they have enough to follow in
their own lists, but as a friendly gesture.

aki korhonen
Rovaniemi, Finland.

P.S. To my knowledge Max Heindl was Steiner's student. Recently I have
browsed his Rosicrusian Cosmo-Consept, and I found it quite
'theosophical' and it is written in a clear style.

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