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Re: To Paul re steiner-l

Oct 02, 1995 01:14 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Paul and the others.

You wrote:


> (Halycon, CA). But there is a reason why it would be difficult
> with Steiner disciples. Steiner said some very ugly things
> about HPB, gave no source for his information, but seemed to be
> echoing C.J. Harrison's The Transcendental Universe in his
> "occult captivity" theory. It is one thing to honor HPB and
> her teachers while claiming to go beyond them; this is what
> Bailey and numerous others do. It is quite another to base a
> large chunk of your teachings on hers, but to deny the
> connection and say insulting things about her.

I don't see your point. Steiner didn't mention much about his
Theosophical background that is true. I see that he wanted to go by his own
way. And what is wrong with that? If Antroposofists want to follow
Steiner and his teachings instead of Blavatsky - it is not a bad thing as
I see it. The point in co-operation is not to believe in same things,
Teachers and such - but to understand, respect and maybe work together.

And if RS said some unpleasant things, I don't know. But what we really
are dealing with here, is a group of individuals, and not every Antroposofist
say bad things about Blavatsky and so on...

 I want to say, that we can't put a blame on every Antroposofist because of
what RS said or did. Every person is responsible of his own deeds and words.

 I also think that the goal is not to make every, would be spiritual
aspirant, identical but just the opposite.


aki korhonen

Rovaniemi, Finland.

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