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Re: Reply to Algeo's article in AT

Oct 03, 1995 09:54 AM

Dear Patrick & Don,

Patrick writes"true Theosophy embraces science in general as a
means of discovering the truth."
You 2 seem to be too young to remember that as late as the
1960ies, a short 30 years ago (figuring some sort of science to
be thousands of years old) psychology was battling to be
considered a science. It was the first intangible realm of
knowledge to ask to be admitted as a science, & it was having a
deuce of a time, believe you me. We theosophists deal with the
intangible atma, budhi, manas. I think, from the little I've
read, that these 3 are just entering the rim of scientific
experimentation, but this is not as yet quite accepted. In the
1980ies, a short 10 years back, I remember doing some research
for a talk to my lodge on biofeedback. The literature mentioned
that in order to get research grants, the researchers had to do
certain psychic research on the QT, or else no grants. This in
spite of the fact that the USSR was forging ahead with its own
psychic research.

The Truth, I believe, has no boundaries. It can't have any,
because scientifically, a particle can be a vibe, can be a
particle, depending on the wish (conscious or unconscious) of
the observer. Science is an edifice with boundaries, as John
Algeo wrote, but it seems to me that, as human time goes on,
the boundaries are being pushed further & further back, so that
present & future scientists are able to more fully explore
what's approaching Truth ... which includes intangible realms,
realms which Theosophy & its antecedents have dealt with for
millenia, but modern science is just beginning to. "Lift one
vail & there's another", wrote Theosophist HVG, who was an



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