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RE: CWL, LCC, Adyar, Olcott

Oct 03, 1995 09:49 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Thank you, Daniel.

>I think we must always distinguish between the validity of a belief or idea
>and the sincerity of the person who holds the belief or idea.
>Concerning the Liberal Catholic Church, I know one priest in the LCC who is
>a very kind, gentle soul. I would trust my life in his hands. Yet does that
>therefore mean that his LCC beliefs are necessarily true?

No. I would not say that for any organization. But the LCC did not require its
members to hold any of its beliefs, whatever they might be. My husband claims
to be an atheist and was always welcome to play the organ for service or receive
the sacraments. Only clergy were required to profess certain beliefs. I'm sure
this is much more liberal than most Christian groups.

As for the Second Coming, I did not read about this until 1994. In over twenty
years, only one person ever mentioned it at church and that was in passing.

Responding again to "why it exists", I should like to add that it survives and
will survive as long as there are people to support it. Many are active
theosophists who wish to receive the sacraments, yet would probably be thrown
out on their ear in a regular Catholic church.

>Read the preface to Part II (pp. iii-iv) in *Isis Unveiled* (Vol II) and see
>what HPB says about "beliefs" and "people".

I don't own a copy, but I'll see if I can locate it at the Olcott library or the
book store. If you see any short, pithy points, I wouldn't mind reading them in
a post.

Looking forward to other comments and questions,


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