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re: re CWL and WQJ

Oct 06, 1995 09:16 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Daniel Caldwell writes:

>Refresh my memory, Jerry HE, but Besant herself writes that the
>decision for Judge and Besant to serve as Co-Heads was decided
>before any Mahatma letter was received endorsing the decision.
>And she says more in that state-ment which would indicate
>(taking it at face value) that there was no way Judge could have
>palmed the ML off on her in the circumstances involved.
>I will have to hunt for the document. Here is a good example
>(if I'm right!) of not relying exclusively on a secondary source
>like Nethercot.

 Yes, the decision to make Judge and Besant co-heads was made
by the IG right after HPB died. Judge had nothing to do with it.
As for that famous Mahatma Letter, even in her charges against
Judge, Besant does not question the authenticity of the Mahatma
letter, but how it was used. C'est tres bizarre--n'est-ce pas?

>What is the source (forgive me Eldon!) for Rich's statement
>concerning WQJ and 500 Mahatma Letters?

 I've been meaning to ask Rich that question myself.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
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