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Somewhere In The Indian Ocean

Oct 06, 1995 05:52 AM
by james yungkans

Purser, please ensure that any letters I receive be left in my
public box, and not on my pillow. I don't like access to my cabin
unless I give the key. (I know that Daniel is not a Mahatma :)

Hmmm...So you want to listen in?, lets read together, shall we...
"You are scheduled to appear before a judge at a very near date
[I certainly hope So]....Must seek council prior to judgement,
or be prepared to defend yourself [hmm... you think K.H or M is
experienced as an attorney (remarks in [] are mine..James)]...

Oh...Daniel..You forgot the Ground Rules...I don't see any scriptural
references here...I think one of our 'Spooks' has posessed poor
daniel...please remember in the future, rmember to think for yourself
and provide REFRENCES!

"we have an advocate...the Lord Jesus Christ"
As I remember it, Daniel, there will come a day when YOU will say
'did I not Feed you?', and your God, your 'Advocate', will tell
you 'I don't know you, Be GONE'...and there will be 'a crying and
a gnashing of Teeth'...I think the passages are clear..don't you?

"You will be scorned, ridiculed, and persecuted"...yes, i think
I agree with you...wasn't old HPB treated in this way...and aren't
we all being treated that way, if we are open, in our understanding,
in the world where the "Christian" pundits condemm us at every
turn? However, I feel I have strength enough. Eldon, the Bible,
on the nighttable...thank you...Ah yes...Daniel Ch.3
 "The king made an image of what time you the sound
of the horn, pipe, harp, [Church Bells ???] must fall down
and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezer the King hath set
up; and whosoever falleth not down and worship shall the same hour
be cast in to the midst of a burning fiery furnace..."

No, I do not like worshiping images. AND, I told daniel about
the Idol he worships, you remember, the one with the hammer? Well,
I'm NOT about to worship an Idol. And, as I remember, Jesus of
nazereth taught only to pray to the father. What father did he
mean? I think poor Daniel had better identify the Father, whom
I believe to be the Unmaifested Logos, or the first pseuto manifestat
 of AIN, or the DIVINE MONAD, before he continues to lecture me
on who is, and who is not, going to be judged harshly...

You know, (speaking to the others listening to the Letter), this
sounds like us, "...Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; these men,
O King, have not regarded thee...they do not serve thy Gods (daniel
should look at the Hebrew for 'Gods' here) nor worship the golden
image which thou hast set up." DAMM RIGHT!...and the king questions
them, and they reply "If our God whom we serve (our purified selves,
freed from Kama) is able to deliver us, he will deliver us from
the burning Fiery Furnace [Dyzan 3:7 'turns the upper into a shoreles
sea of Fire', and for Daniel "he shall baptize with the holy Spirit,
AND WITH FIRE"], and out of thy hand, oh King..."

Oh, here's a note from Daniel "Do you tempt the Lord thy God?"
I sure as Heck [Children Present] am gonna tell that King off!
 I say let's throw that Golden Idol of his into the fire, and see
if to melts. What you all say? Oh wait, let me continue with
Daniel 3..."He (the King) commanded that certain mighty men that
were in his army bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and to cast
them into the fiery furnace [the Ring Pass-not ???]. Then the
men were bound...and cast into the Burning fiery furnace...The
'Flame of the Fire'[what esoteric meaning can we place to this
one?] slew those men that took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
and these three men...fell down bound into the midst of the Fiery
Furnace." You know, Daniel wrote 'There is not one prophetic
utterance of the Holy Scriptures that can be proven to not have
come to pass.' Remembering our 'Christian Soldiers', don't they
always say that Daniel is a book of Prophesy that is Yet to come
to pass? If "Christ, the King" has commanded our poor Daniel to
cast us into the Furnace, then let him, by all means. However,
if in doing so this prophesy should come to pass on poor Daniel...
I'll be Heartbroken...[slight tear...and then a evilish grin]

But what of Us (comming from one of the audience) we're in the
'Fiery Furnace." Don't get panicked, just listen,
 "The king was alarmed, and rose up in haste; he spoke and said
unto his ministers (Priests, Cardinals with 'Red Hats'?):
'Did we not cast three men bound into the midst of the fire?'
They answered 'True, Oh King', He (the King) answered and said:
'Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the Midst of the fire, and
they have no hurt; and the appearance of the fourth is like the
Son of the Gods (Plural!, again Daniel should read Hebrew :)
[For the theosophical viewpoint, Three entered, and became Four.
As we move from one Round/Globe to the next, our THREE becomes
FOUR on the next dimemsion up, to be embrased by another THREE.
there's something here worthy of theosophical discussion, me thinks!]

If any of you see Daniel, you might tell him I still haven't seen
him on deck. This was yesterday morning's discussion (Historical)
Now (Daniel) Look round you! See the calm shining see, and the
lively colours! See how good your God is! Surely on such a Glorious
morning as this you can't tell me that I am going to b burnt in
hell for eer and eve!"
 I mut do the Rev. Daniel the justice to admit that he blushed
deeply and looked very uncomfortable, but he stuck manfully to
his guns, and replied with an evident effort:
 "Well, I'm very sorry, ma'am, but I guess you will!"


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