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Daniel's Champion

Oct 06, 1995 07:52 PM
by james yungkans

(Re-transmitted, do to transmission error)
I received the following post last night...

 From :
 Subject: Re: David, Christianity

 James writes to Daniel:
 >"We aren't so easily swayed", I believe I read here some
 time ago. Now, Daniel, I told you that story (from Hebrew
 Tradition) to point out that your belief appears more like
 "Idol Worship" than anything else. Would you like to
 convince me otherwise. I'll give you an idea to think
 about. If you tell me that the world is round, I may
 believe you. If you tell me that it is filled with little
 >green men that make flowers grow, what am I to think?
 Perhaps you believe you're descended from a Baboon, and
 wish us to believe you. Well, perhaps you'd like an
 oportunity. Here it is. ONE RULE! You must argue your
 case based on documented references which are NOT based on
 'Primate' said something yesterday doesn't count. You have
 to thin for yourself, and back your arguments.

 >I await your reply, as you may wish to convert this
 'Heathen' to your christian ways. However be warned.
 While Abram was placed into a furnace and "while the
 furnace was very hot, abram was cool"..
 >but Haran (his brother) was"then cast into the furnace.
 Since Haran's faith was not perfect, he was quickly burned
 to a crisp."
 >I wait you in the Furnace.

 I've had a belly full about the way you have responded to
 him. Although he
 may have come on a little strong regarding his faith, he
 has not deserved the battering he's received. However,
 James, how would you like to discuss Scripture with me?
 Let's begin by discussing Christian.

 Contrary to what others might think, the Christian faith
 is NOT a blind
 faith. This view implies intellectual suicide on the part
 of the Christian. Personally, my heart cannot rejoice in
 what my heart rejects. They were created to work in
 harmony, not dichotomy. Hence the command to
 "Love the Lord your God with ALL your HEART, and with all
 your soul, AND with ALL your MIND."
 Matt. 22:37.

And it goes on....and on...(I won't repeat it unless requested)

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