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The Reply

Oct 06, 1995 08:52 PM
by james yungkans

Thank you, Mark, for recient reply. I look forward to our many
discussions. Please note that I am limited to 99 lines per posting,
so don't expect 'verbose' responses from me.

First, I am NOT arguing whether Jesus of Nazareth had any, or many,
special powers which would make him considered a 'Son of God.'
the contrary, I believe he did. So we can set aside this topic.

Our problem lies in your UNDERSTANDING. I will refer you to
Matthew 23:29 "You err, because you do not understand the
scriptures not the power of GOD" I will make this obvious in
as little time as possible, since everyone here gets tired of
overly long posts.

Matthew 22:37 is a good quote. Shame not many people chose to
follow this. have you looked up the Greek for 'God'? You'll find
that it is the same word as is used in John 1:1 "In 'Beginnings'
was the 'WORD', and the 'WORD' was with GOD, and God (different
greek word) was the 'WORD'. Have you studied the kabalistic
meaning of 'Beginnings' (a single 6 letter WORD?) you will find
esoterically, by placing the letters of Genesis 1:1 on the 'Tree
of Life' that the last letter lands on the sepharoh called GLORY
For another coincidence, Dyzan corresponds to this WORD, when it
states "THAT WHICH IS AND YET IS NOT". Therefore, love for the
'Lord thy God' is not inappropriate, since everything come from
THAT, and will return to THAT ('I am the Alpha and the Omega').

The first argument is that Jesus of Nazareth is the only 'Son
of God', according to most Christian beliefs. Does it not state
in John 1:12 "But to all that received him (the WORD?), he gave
to them to right to become 'Sons of GOD'. First, this passage
CONFIRMS that others may be 'Sons of GOD', which we do afirm.
it is called becomming a perfected soul, and not alien to most
teachings. If you review the Gospels, I believe you will find

mention of another performing works in 'his name', which the
disciples rebuked, and for doing so the disciples were rebuked.
By the way, do not say I left out the line about "Believe in
his name". If you study the Greek, you will find that this
phrase is attached to the following verse, and that misplacement
has occured in most translations. Why? You tell me.

For discussion, is it not possible that this 'WORD' to be
received is none other than our DIVINE MONAD.

You have quoted John 8:32 out of context. Starting with 8:31
"Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him, 'if you abide
by my 'WORD', you are truly my disciples and you will know
the truth..." Again, we are referred to the 'WORD' (or 'THAT'),
in order to know the truth. H.P.Blavatsky did teach there is no
religion greater than TRUTH, and you will find in dyzan (at 1.6)
reference to the seven TRUTHS. This is the same position
referred by me before.

Continuing on your I Peter 1:16, v.17 states "for he received
from GOD the Father Honor and Glory". This is not out of line
based on becomming a Mahatma and obtaining true Siddi powers.
this occured when Jesus received the 'Spirit'. The question
must be asked: Was the 'beloved Son' Jesus, or the Spirit that
descended. Anything referenced after the baptism doesn't answer
this, since after this point Jesus and the SPIRIT were One,in
the same manner that the 'Bride' and 'Bridegroom' are bound
together. However, in this case, Jesus is the 'Bride', and the
Spirit is the Bridegroom (Physical is often feminine, as in
'Mother Earth' for an easy example)

One of the most notable problems is that the Nazarene NEVER EVER
desired worship, and in fact rebuked worship of him to even his
disciples. He always referred to himself as a servant. By the
same token Angels always told humanity that they were Fellow-
Servants. In our theosophical texts we say "There is neither
first or last, for all come from No-Number." Worship of Jesus
as a deity began after his death, and is akin to Idol Worship.
THIS is the 'Golden Statue' set up by Nebuchadnezzer, and this
is EXACTLY why we do NOT worship Jesus as a Deity. He was, and
IS, a BROTHER, and a NIRMANAKAYA! This is not difficult to
believe, even in our circles. Perhaps if you study the refereces
to Nirmanakayas, you may be surprise at what is possible in the
light of EASTERN scriptures. This alone will take into account
most of your scriptural passages in regard to being a witness to
the risen Christ.

One last note, As I am running out of space. We have had a
belly full as well. I was kinder than most would have been,
given the nature of the posts (sent to my personal ID directly,
and not posted on THEOS-L.) I happen to be both 'CHReSTIAN' and
a Theosophist, and find NO DISAGREEMENT between the two.
As you can read in the current posts (if you are a subscriber to
Theos-l) we are discussing the Christian/Anti-Christian aspects
of HPB's work. Please read these posts. They may surprise you.

Yours in CHRIST (and I'll explain that later, as well)


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