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Re: A Beautiful Autumn Interlude

Oct 10, 1995 04:22 PM
by Richtay

JRC writes:

> And even (pushing this even further), wonder whether perhaps
> the Biblical phase "In the beginning was the Word" might be
> understood as a single supreme foundational vibration that was
> the original source of all that energy that now flows into our
> little planet from so many apparently different directions ...
HPB makes a very similar point in *The Secret Doctrine* and in the Stanzas of
Dzyan of that book, we read in Stanza III that the last vibration "thrills
throughout infinitude," the vibration "sweeps along" touching "with its swift
wing the whole unniverse."

A very potent image/idea, no? I included the Stanzas in my "Myth, Ritual,
Symbols" class at UC Davis, and the kids are into it. Of all the
cosmogonies, HPB's is the most engaging, poetic, and captivating. No wonder,
if its the "source" cosmogony for most (all?) of the others.


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