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Psychism, Intuition, Eldon & JRC

Oct 04, 1995 07:09 AM

First, thanks to Murray S. for his latest posting. Well said!

For the last 25 years I have been a student of HPB's writings but also
during those years I have also been a student of parapsychology. And
have even had psychic and as well as mystical experiences!

I have had some Blavatsky students almost horrified at the thought
that I would waste my time in the study of parapsychology, those
psychic subjects! Focus you efforts on higher things, I've been
told. I don't believe HPB and her Teachers ever wanted students
to ignore the *study* of psychism, call it what you may. We can
learn a great deal from such a study and Blavatsky and her teachers
give us alot of insight on this subject.

Furthermore, if psychic experiences come your way naturally why
ignore them or be afraid of them, try instead to understand them
and evaluate them. Again Theosophy gives some valuable insights
and perspectives on psychic things.

And if one meditates one will also from time to time have "psychic"
experiences. Again don't overestimate the value of those experience,
don't necessarily accept those experiences at face value, but what's
wrong in trying to understand them if they happen and they are part
of your experience, world and nature. I agree that you shouldn't
focus on them, develop an obsession about them, but what's wrong
with trying to understand them, evaluate them, etc? HPB and her
Masters say a great deal about such phenomena and experiences and
I have certainly taken that to heart, but I'm not afraid of such
things nor do I think it is wrong to try to understand such
experiences especially when they happen to you or to your relatives
and friends. Challenge them (the experiences) just as you no doubt
should challenge or inspect or judge various thoughts and emotions
you experience----asking yourself what is the source of that thought
or emotion. More could be said on this subject but I will close
for now.

Daniel CAldwell

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