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Re: To Eldon

Oct 04, 1995 08:50 AM

Dear Eldon & JRC,

I wonder whether both of you could agree that human
personalities are loosely classified into 7 rays ... I think
that idea comes from the Masters. I say "loosely", because
there's said to be overlap from 1 ray to the other. And that
the Path taken by people on each ray are different ... like
there's Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jjana Yoga, & etc. ... all valid
Paths chosen by individuals according to their talents,
inclinations & beliefs. Seems to me, we owe it to each other
to respect them as such. Matter of fact, it seems to me that
each person's Path is different. No 2 people are exactly alike,
so neither are their Paths. I was hoping you could agree on
that & I was hoping that you could take it into account when
you think of each other. You differ, & there's nothing wrong
with that, except that you're throwing darts. I haven't been
around Wheaton very much, but 1 thing I learned there from
someone who was there. "Don't condemn someone else's actions,
but try to show even the harshest some understanding, some
tolerance, because you never can be sure of what the motivation
is." Not that I always manage to think of this myself in the
heat of things, but it seems to be a good rule to try to live
by. Let JRC travel his chosen Path, let Eldon travel his, &
think of each other with a bit of sympathy as "fellow
travelers"(it just fits in here, even though I don't mean red


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