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RE:CWL and WQJ Questions to Jerry HE and Paul J

Oct 04, 1995 06:44 AM

An Observation: I believe that Paul J posted his original posting on CWL and
WQJ on theos-l. Then Jerry HE and Rich T post their replies on theos-roots
and Liesel posts her reply on theos-l !!!!!!!! I guess I will just post mine
on theos-roots!!

Question to JE:

In the copy of your posting I read:

"First of all, I really don't like Judge that much as a writer. I think
it, and she likes to teach it. I don't."

Is there a sentence or two missing here?

Why don't you like Judge that much as a writer?

Question to JE:

You write:

"I already put myself on record as not being in complete agreement
with Judge....I also have some problems with HPB and the Mahatma
letters too, but that is another issue. In light of the above,
what `sectarian loyalty' is possible for me?"

Could you please expand on what you mean "not being in complete agreement with
Judge? Specifics?

What problems do you have with HPB and the Mahatma letters? Specifics please?

Question to Paul J:

Jerry HE writes:

"As for authenticity, what is there about the letters to Sinnett now in the
British Museum that proves they are authentic?"

A good question for you to answer, Paul. Plus if you are saying that you
question the authenticity of the Mahatma Letters through Judge, what are
you comparing Judge's MLs with? With the MLs through HPB? or?

Question to Paul J:

Jerry writes:

"I don't feel that you [PJ] have yet established a case that Judge led her
[AB] astray?.....Can you show Judge's role in this [Judge turning Besant
against Olcott] through *sources* documentation, other than Besant's own
(presumably) biased statements that she made after turning against Judge."

PJ, what are your sources?

Question to Jerry:

When Annie turned against William, was she justified or not in so doing?
Sources please?

Daniel Caldwell

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