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RE:CWL and WQJ Questions to Jerry HE and Paul J

Oct 05, 1995 05:14 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

> An Observation: I believe that Paul J posted his original posting on CWL and
> WQJ on theos-l. Then Jerry HE and Rich T post their replies on theos-roots
> and Liesel posts her reply on theos-l !!!!!!!! I guess I will just post mine
> on theos-roots!!
Sorry-- I was replying to something of JHE's on theos-l, but
belatedly admit that it would have been better to post it to
> Jerry HE writes:
> "As for authenticity, what is there about the letters to Sinnett now in the
> British Museum that proves they are authentic?"
> A good question for you to answer, Paul.
Nothing, in the sense that it could be proven that they were
written through precipitation or telepathy. A lot, in the
sense that it can be determined that they contain teachings
that do not appear in HPB's other writings and therefore imply
the existence of some information source other than her own
 Plus if you are saying that you
> question the authenticity of the Mahatma Letters through Judge, what are
> you comparing Judge's MLs with? With the MLs through HPB? or?
Well, I'm not comparing them because they're not available.
But I would look at them in comparison to the MLs in print to
evaluate whether they seemed to be coming from the same
source. With CWL's revelations, and Bailey's, I conclude "I
don't think so." But with WQJ's there's too little basis on
which to judge.
> PJ, what are your sources?
see answer to JHE

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