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Re: Marley's ghost

Oct 04, 1995 10:36 AM

Dear Jerry,

I think I made a mistake in my Don Quichote quote. I seem to
remember after I wrote that Rocinande was the horse, & the lady
was Roxane. So I want to stay that I'll stick up for horses
too. Not accidental that I raised a veterinarian.

To answer to some of your other comments, I agree with you that
my protesting is probably not going to change anything, because
the changes in the by laws have already been decided on, but I
feel I want to protest about certain things anyway, just
because I belong to the organization & I feel I should be
heard. 1 thing I protested about, is that they'd already made
up their minds before they listened to what some of the
membership had to say. We're not dummies, or peons!
Too long to mention all I protested about, but for another
thing I objected to the 2d & the 3rd Object being reworded, &
not the 1st, which to me is the most outdated as far as wording
is concerned. If I see something I don't like, or if I see
something that I *do* like, I try to let them know.

At the time, I too protested about the ruling that one had to
be on the Board to qualify for running for President, because
it was meant against Bing. Today, I think it's not such a bad
idea. That way, our President will have some prior knowledge as
to how to run things. Incidentally, I voted for Bing twice, but
if he runs again, I'm not so sure anymore that he'll get my
vote. remains to be seen.

I too have devoted a good part of my life to Theosoophy, even
though I've also been active in other endeavors. I think you
yourself have a perfect right to speak out, only sometimes what
you say reminds me of an introductory video tape we once aired
at Pumpkin Hollow, which had been sent to one of us by the
Reverend Moon's organization. The video started out by stating
certain truths we all could agree on, but as the film went on,
the logic deviated bit by tiny bit off what we would recognize
as truth.
You're in the habit of doing this sometimes, so it's hard to
really try to trust what you say. Besides, sometimes you get
belligerent & that isn't conducive to getting a good dialogue
going on this list. I'm not saying that I can't get
argumentative too, but I try hard not to, & I wish you would


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