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Question to JRC

Oct 10, 1995 00:37 AM

It has been interesting to read the discusssion between you and Eldon, but
it is somewhat hard to follow since we don't have to many specifics and

You say something to the effect (I may not be paraphrasing you correctly)
that the Theosophical teachings on psychism (which you sometimes seem to
characterize as dogmas) maybe need to be rethought and that your experiences
and other people's experiences do NOT fit the Theosophical explanations.

This is all interesting but not too informative.

Can you state what the theosophical teachings are on psychism and then tell
us how certain experiences (whether yours or someone else's) do not FIt or
cannot be adequately explained by the theosophical viewpoint(s)?

If you don't want to share your personal experiences can you share someone's
else experience (for example, T.B. had this experience, etc., etc.) that
illustrates your points about the inadequacy of the Theosophical teachings to
fully explain this or that experience?

I'm sure many on Theos network will be interested in this area.

Daniel Caldwell

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