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THEOS-BUDS digest 17-Butting In

Oct 27, 1995 03:23 AM
by Keith Price

Hello, Liesel. Eldon and Don!

I have just had a bad accident and trying to get back into the threads of
conversation. Are there any real "accidents"? I think this has been much
discussed in relation to Karma and Dharma and chaos and entropy and all the
other "gods" of occultism and science, but when you have a bad accident, I
don't analyze, but I try to utilize. That is, I try to do everything to improve
my health and situation without sorting out immediately my karmic guilt or my
victimhood or the "just" wheels of the universe. In short, I hurt and want to
stop the pain at all costs.

TO DON: During my recovery from the car accident, I had a strong Lucid Dream
that was like a delirium. I was sleeping and dreaming. I could see things as in
a dream, but I was quite aware of being in a bed in pain. I would drift in and
out of the dream state very quickly, but what was really wierd was not only was
I concious of dreaming while I was dreaming (a lucid dream) I was aware that I
was in two worlds or shifting between the dream world and real world very
quickly. People who have been sick will know what delirium means although it
is not widely approved as a tool on the spiritual path for obvious reasons. Who
wants to be sick and near death. In fact all these terms, astral travel, dream,
hallucination, out of by experience, near death experience seem to be very
nearly the same thing or paths to the same thing of a UNITIVE CONCIOUSNESS.
This unitive conciousness seems to be the 7th level, 7th chakra, enlightenment,
satori so oftem talked about in theosophy, zen etc where one realized that one
needs a definite vehicle of conciousness for each of the 7 levels, planes,
globes, parallel universes an all that, but that concsiousness can be tuned as a
radio (an idea form Ken WIlber) but the spectrum of consciousness is allways
there and we have an ability to be consciouss thoughts are incomplete...I
am not sure if our consciousness, my conscionssness is eternal or just
consciosness as the complete spectrum???

The insight a gainged was that I was supposed to examine all this very closely.
I am so glad I have found out you already know so much, Don (and others). I
want to E-mial you privately as I wrote a letter to Stephen LaBerge and hope to
catch up on all the many things that seem to be going on in this area and though
not always realted to theosophy, I think it should be. (Later!)

To all: It is neat to find a lot of the people here as on theos-l. I see there
are a lot of newcomers an activity there. But I was pleasently suprised to read
some of theo-buds. Theos-l seems to have a lot of controversy which I enjoy and
even enjoy "inspiring" sometimes. But there is also a need for a different type
area that this seems to be.


Keith Price

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