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smoking - the unrecognized sacrament

Oct 21, 1995 07:06 AM
by John E. Mead

hi -

a few comments for info:

1) tobacco is a sacred gift to the american indian peoples. It is a religious
 herb used for sacred moments.
2) many people use tobacco for psychic/medicinal reasons.
 (I have met a few who need to use tobacco to prevent an overload of their
 receptive abilities... they use it to Block-out signals to prevent
 physic overload). shades of HPB??
3) tobacco is also used for medicinal purposes, esp for respiratory problems
 such as allergies and congestions --- and it works. It is also very useful
 in Homeopathic treatments.

What does this have to do with Theosophy??
i.e. acceptance of (or uses of) has much to do with a particular religious

peace -

john mead

p.s. Krotona will not allow a Christian ceremony (Eucharist), nor an
American Indian ceremony (pipe/tobacco medicine wheel) on its property.
so much for religious freedom!

John E. Mead
[Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers]

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