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L. Frank Baum and theosophy

Oct 09, 1995 10:57 PM
by David Parker

Greetings to all on the Theos-lists.

I have been intrigued by the notion that the "Wizard of Oz" series of
children's books reflect L. Frank Baum's belief in Theosophical
principles. John Algeo's articles in THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST ("A Notable
Theosophist: L. Frank Baum," Aug./Sept. 1986, and "The Wizard of Oz: The
Perilous Journey," Oct. 1986) offer a good starting place, but I wonder if
others on these lists have any ideas, comments, etc.

I will appreciate hearing from folks, either on- or off-list

Many thanks!

-- David B. Parker

David B. Parker
Asst. Professor of History
Kennesaw State College (770) 423-6713 (office)
PO Box 444 423-6294 (department)
Marietta, Georgia 30061 (770) 423-6432 (fax)

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