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Re: Not Escaping the World (Zen style)

Oct 30, 1995 07:59 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon, thanks for the nice quotes about zazen, but I don't see
what they have to do with "escape the necessity of physical
incarnation" or " to seek rebirth on higher planes (globes)."
The quotes are all about maya and avoiding/ignoring the
mayavic illusions that will come to us in meditation. You seem
to be saying tha Zen seeks to escape from the necessity of
incarnation. It is my understanding that all of the Mahayana
schools teach that we should become a bodhisattva, and
deliberately return to physical existence. There
may be a Hinayana school whose goal is escape, but even
there the idea is seeing the physical and spiritual as one thing,
and so what is there to escape from? And if you were to
ask any Buddhist about rebirth on other Globes, they might
think you were pulling their leg.

Jerry S.

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