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Re: High-brow chats

Oct 24, 1995 02:09 AM
by Bee Brown

>> What does lemniscate mean? It is on page 274 and we couldn't
>> find it in the dictionary. Did HPB make up words to suit herself? Sometimes
>> we wonder as we can't find them explained anywhere.
>> Kind regards, Bee>
>I couldn't find it either. But I think that is largely because HPB was
>EXTREMELY learned, spoke to a very learned audience, and a lot of those
>"learned" words in Victorian English have dropped out of the language, or
>become very obscure. Part of the problem with "the original teachings" is
>that they become more and more removed from the vernacular.
>You almost need to be a 19th century scholar to get at some of the stuff in
>HPB, and yet if we don't understand the Secret Doctrine, how can we carry on
>the work at a deep level? Only by doing our best, I think, and applying,
>applying applying what we do know, hoping for more light.
>This is why I have found de Purucker much easier to understand. I have only
just started reading him and I get really excited over the new ideas I can
understand. I have been absorbing his info re the 1,2,3rd root races and
their construction. The idea that they brought the animal kingdom into
existence is really fascinating. The mental picture I am forming is so huge
that I am not sure I can ever get it into an organised form. First there was
HPB's cosmogony which was large enough or what I am capable of
understanding, then what I am learning now.
It is the strangest experience to join a none Theosophical group, e.g.
Philosophy, with ingrained Theosophical concepts. I joined the new U3A which
is for retired people who want to stretch their brains a little so it a sort
of open university teaching what can be found volunteer teachers for. We are
studying Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I do not say lot now
because they think I am weird because I think in such a different way from
them. Coming from a reincarnation and karma point of view, I find myself
coming from a different line of thinking and sometimes I wonder what I am
doing there. Once I would have been quite happy there but now I see the
world in quite a different way and I did not realise just how differently it
was until joining this group. They are ordinary folk like me and I am not
sure how far to try their thought patterns. I do not want to upset anyone
nor have them feel I am inflicting my beliefs on them.
Funny thing, Life.
Regards once more, Bee

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