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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 24, 1995 10:58 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Thank you for your reply. I found this idea very interesting. It gives
>an explanation to why I experience my body having kind of own
>consciousness. And sometimes I even feel sorry about Him/it for abusing
>or neglecting it. But if so, who am I now writing this? The uprising
>animal Monad or inhabiting Human Monad? Or both?

The idea is that as a aggregrate of cooperative Monads, we participate
in each other's conscious exprience of life, while fully embodied on
a sphere of causes like Globe D. In our after death states, the principles
separate, and the Monads or Egos go to their respective realms or
after-death experiences. Then they come together with the next rebirth
on earth.

The experience of the aggregation of the Monads in manifest life, here
while incarnate on Globe D, provides an experience of life that is different
and more complete than we have in the after-death states, where our
experience is subjective, and without the added-influence of the other
Monads in our perception of life.

When you write, the Human Monad has the idea, and wants to write, and
the Human-Animal Monad cooperates because it too wants to write, and
receives direction from us.

Currently we as Human Monads are the highest ones active in our
constitution, until the Manasaputra becomes a living presence in
our lives, then the Agniswatta, then yet a higher presence. Each
of these Egos or centers of consciousness eventually become the
prime motivator, the cause of action, the director of what we (the
cooperative, impermanent being) chooses to do.

These higher presences will happen in the later Rounds, should
we continue to make the grade, working to become Mahatmas, Bodhisattvas,
Buddhas, then something yet higher in the Seventh Round.

>And what happens to Human Monad, when Animal Monad is full grown.
>Are these monads going to mere to a single consciousness? Will the
>ready Animal Monad be the inheritor of Human Monad's consciousness
>and intelligent?

We are a *cooperative* consciousness or cooperative, composite being,
while in full seven-principled manifestation. This is akin to the
Globe Chain, where each Globe is an Monad or Ego in the composite
nature of a lofty being, itself in full existence in some greater
"sphere of causes".

We are not eternally linked to the other Monads in our constitution,
but will continue together for vast ages, over who knows how many
manvantaras. That link can only be broken in the case of lost souls,
or those that completely break the link with their Spiritual Monad
and fail completely in their evolution. They are "ground over in the
eighth sphere", then resume their evolutionary pilgrimage on a lower
cosmic plane.

When the Seven Rounds are complete, if we all have made the grade,
the Human-Animal Monad will have completed its Seven Rounds as an
Animal Monad, and also completed its apprenticeship in the Human
Kingdom, and will be ready to start out the First Round as a
fully-functional member of the Human Kingdom, a Human Monad in its
own right. And we, then, will be Dhyani-Chohans of the lowest grade,
the Manasaputras to those Monads.

>One more thing, our body is much older (Saturn period) than our other
>principes eg. mind, so in a way it is much more perfect and wise.

Our principles are emanated in serial order, so the first to
emanate is the Atman. When we've reached the physical, we're fully
functional (or at least started) on the different levels.
Having thus emanated the various forms or sheathes for our consciousness,
we then work on awakening, in reverse order, from the physical upwards,
the sense of self-consciousness. The physical level, then, is the first
level at which we become aware of our existence. Our evolution of
self-consciousness towards the spiritual progresses, then, up towards
the Atman, one principle after the next. At the end, we've awakened
all seven principles to self-consciousness, and can express that
consciousness *here on the physical plane*.

>For example it has autonomous functions such as respiration,
>digestion, sensing... etc, which are far beyond our mind's
>capabilities. And our mind doesn't (yet) function automatically
>as our blood circulation does. Eg. our feeling-system is already
?more automatic/perfect than our intelligent - being older (Moon
>period). I want to say that we, as a Human Monad, could learn
>much from our body.

The body has a consciousness of its own. We are in close rapport
or empathy with it, and can usually sense what that center of
consciousness feels. But it functions with a self-directed
intelligence that is not our own, but comes from a lower center
of consciousness in our constitition (the Vital-Astral-Physical Monad
or Ego).

>To get a Dhyani-Chohan inhabit my soul, huh, I wonder would it be

This starts with the Winter Solstice Initiation, with meeting our
divinity face-to-face, then in the Spring we are inspired with the
influence of that divinity, and in the Summer Initiation we are
infilled with a god! At that point the Higher Human Monad (what
we'd call our higher self) takes control and we are divinely
inspired *from within*.

That divinity is us, yet it is not us. There is the same degree of
empathy and closeness and oneness of being between it and us, as
there is between us and our animal nature. (Or as between one Globe
of our Chain and another Globe.)

The topic of the Animal Monad in the Human Kingdom is a difficult
teaching, and is perhaps one of the more estoeric of the doctrines.
It's something important to understand, though, because it's
highly helpful in our understanding the composite nature of man,
and how it relates to his essential eternal nature as a Monad.

-- Eldon

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