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Re: occult view of smoking

Oct 20, 1995 11:12 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Coherence,

I hate to tell ya. I used to smoke 2 packs a day. I became a
non-smoker about 25 years ago, which wasn't soon enough, because
today I've got a good-sized pulmonary problem. & please don't tell me
on that one that I didn't create my own Karma. It also
didn't help that I worked for years in a non-window office, where the
ventilation was so poor that we all felt very sleepy around 2
every afternoon. Working in a lousy office wasn't that blatantly my doing. I
 worked for a living, & with the State, my employer, State workers don't
count for too much. It's more important where they get the cheapest loft,
or where some landlord is a big contributor.
Just by the by, I was also in an office where they never shoveled snow,
& people, lots of them, who needed to visit the office, had to walk
over the ice. We started to salt it down, until someone told us, if
we salted it, if someone fell anyway, we'd be liable.
Well, that's an aside, that went a bit far afield from smoking.
Actually, I thought CWL was quite far sighted to realize in 1926
what the scientists have just recently confirmed, that 2d hand smoke
is also deleterious. If you want to smoke, that's your affair, as
long as you're aware of what you're doing to yourself.


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