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Re: occult view of smoking

Oct 19, 1995 02:51 AM
by Coherence

Do we really need to mention again that HPB was a famous chain smoker,
continuously rolling her own from a very exotic tobacco pouch?

I would say that our time is better spent worrying about the filth and habits
of our minds and cleaning those up, rather than outward physical habits. I
don't have a reference, but it seems I have read somewhere, either HPB or
Masters, that smoking is beneficial for some natures.

As an avid smoker, I am well aware of the impact and unpleasantness that
others feel toward smoking, so try to be conscientious and minimize the
effect my choices may have on others. And this is the occult aspect of
smoking which I perceive -- to what extent will we be aware of the effect our
actions have on others?

I really don't feel there are great Karmic effects from merely choosing to
smoke. But then, I am assuming that pre-mature death from terrible cancers
are not great Karmic effects! :)

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