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Tibetan culture publishing house on WWW

Oct 17, 1995 11:50 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear theos-l

While cruising on the WWW, I found Snow Lion Publishing in Ithaca NY.
They have a lot of authentic sounding books for sale, also artifacts.
I thinks that's where my son Dave got me a really nice Tibetan
necklace. everyone admires it.
Of course, I looked at the book list subtopics which interest me.
The first one that hit my eye
BRENDA & ANN please note, they had a number of interesting sounding
titles for women listed. Just to name a few which caught my eye

"Buddhism through American Women's Eyes" $12.95

"The First Buddhist Women." $15.-

 "Learning True Love" biography of a nun in Nam during & after the

"Weavers of Wisdom" 15 20th-century women mystics.

I know this next one isn't very feminist, but I'll enjoy cooking from it
"Kopan Cookbook" - Tibetan vegetarian recipes.

The other section I looked up was re HH the Dalai Lama
Loads of books by him, also
"The Bodhagaya Interviews" His opinions on just about everything
"A Flash of Lightnigh in theDark of Night" , the way to make the
bodhisattva ideal a living experience. $10.-

"Songs of the 6th Dalai Lama" - love poems $5.95 (There's a more
expensive version too)


Snow Lion Publishers
Box 6483
Ithaca NY 14851



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