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Re: Comments on Subtle Bodies

Oct 12, 1995 09:11 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Daniel C:<See Psaltis' chart where the soul (Kama-Manas) = psyche.>

Thanks for your posting, Dan. I have a perverse enjoyment
 hearing about the bizillion ways these things can be defined. But it
really all comes down to direct experience. I think that anyone who
tries to understand all of this intellectually, without experience or at
least an intuitive insight, will be lost.

I have a real problem with your above quote because
I have been studying Jung, and Jung views the psyche in a higher
sense than kama-manas. He would put it closer to atma-buddhi
because according to Jung, the psyche pre-exists and post-exists
our egoic life on earth. Jung defines the psyche in a way that is
very similar to HPB's definition of the Reincarnating Ego.

Jerry S.

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