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Re: One of JRC's comments

Oct 02, 1995 11:20 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to John R Crocker:
> Gee, perhaps I need to say it *again*: It was not just to be able
> to talk about my own experiences that I was arguing ... and not just
> against Eldon as an individual. It was on behalf of a growing number of
> people who are using various inner abilities ... dismissed in
> condescending tones as "psychic" ... and against a large thoughtform that
> Eldon does articulate quite clearly -

I am one of those who feels silenced, so JRC is indeed not
> > Why not leave all of our names out of things, and only mention them for
> > signatures and quotes? It really strikes me that personal stuff has no place
> > here, and only seems to lead to enmity. I know that sounds barren, but I'm
> > tired of the jibes and labels, let's just stick to the discussions at hand.

The ULT solution to personality conflicts in the Theosophical
movement is to cut the Gordian knot. Let's all pretend that we
have no personalities and names. Somehow this just doesn't cut
it; I don't get the impression from being around ULTers that
this kind of avoidance is any more productive than all the
explicit personality conflict in the Adyar TS.

> The road to harmony is *not* through avoidance of conflict,
> but through entering fully into it - in staying engaged - and having the
> emotional courage to remain engaged until some final point of view, perhaps
> much much larger than both individual points of view emerges out of the
> discourse.

Being engaged in the conflict but also engaged in a recognition
of the divinity of your "opponent"-- that's the challenge.

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