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RE: CWL & Theosophy

Oct 02, 1995 11:05 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>This may be. What is curious to me is why nearly every major movement seems
to bring it up. Christianity expects the second coming. Zoroastrians have
long expected their Soishyant, and the Jews the Messiah. Buddhists expect
Maitreya, and Hindus, the Kalki Avatar. Muhammed is the "Seal of the
Prophets" and when he comes again, it is THE END. Many native American
tribes expected a Messenger to lead them away from the White Man's
Destruction, and millenial movements (often called "cargo-cults" in African
communities) have expected Jesus or another Savior to help them.

Perhaps everyone externalizes what will eventually happen from within. When the
Light is ignited inside the person and the internal teacher appears, then it is
the end for the old ways, the way of selfishness and personal concern. Perhaps
this is all allegory or myth, that is not really fulfulled until it happens
within each and every person. The problem comes when the myth starts becoming a
historical fact or an expected reality in the minds of men. This can lead to
fanaticism and all kinds of insanity perfomed in the name of the one who is

Back in the early seventies, Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the Doors, had an
obscure album out called The Goldn Scarab. One song was about all the expected
messiahs in history and the refrain went, "He can't come today, maybe he'll come

- ann

PS Like many good things, the album is no longer available.

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