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re re Cayce

Oct 30, 1995 05:22 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Rich Writes:

I seem to recall that scientists did an ultra-sound of the area
just below the sphinx and found a large-sized "room" or whatever
there. They had not yet located the entrance to it.

However, due to the current controversy with John Anthony West
and his team of geologists, the Sphinx has been re-dated from the
period of Kephren (c. 2400 BCE) to about 10,000 BCE (due to
extensive rain damage -- it hasn't rained like that in the Nile
valley since about 10,000 BCE) and the Egyptian government, under
pressure from Muslim fundamentalists, the site has been closed
off to researchers.

 Fascinating. I hope you are keeping copies of these
articles as they come up. It look like Cayce's prediction will
have to wait a bit longer.

Thanks for the interesting reply
Jerry HE

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