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Re: Self & Maya

Oct 12, 1995 04:06 PM
by Richtay

Jerry writes,

> All
> non-dualistic schools teach that there is no Self, no matter how much
> we want to capitalize the word. This includes all of Mahayana
> Buddhism (which you should know very well) and Vedanta.
The name "Advaita Vedanta" means "non-dual Vedanta" and they teach Atman,
which they call the one, true, non-delusionary "Self."

The Mahayana Buddhists, as I showed in a previous post, do not use the word
"atma" of course, but DO teach a permanent ("nitya") enduring consciousness
which awakens eventually into a full-blown Buddha.

Jerry S.:

> This leads to a lot of conflicts with
> you and Eldon and others who have no understanding of non-dualism.
Sorry that my alleged ignorance so offends you! And all along I had been
thinking that perhaps I had SOME TINY DEGREE of understanding -- but I see
now that I was deluded.


Thanks also for the Sanskrit lesson re: "atma-buddhi."


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