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Re: Re Aleister Crowley & Messengers

Oct 12, 1995 04:06 PM
by Richtay

Jerry S. writes,

> Perhaps this is because you see HPB as THE messenger
> rather than A messenger. The Lodge also sends out messengers to
> those outside theosophical circles, Rich.
Jerry, it boggles tmy mind how you can read a post where I list 50+
"messengers" or teachers of the perennial philosophy, and then accuse me of
claiming HPB as "THE messenger."

I assume you are not willfully distorting my words or trying to ridicule or
belittle my understanding, so I can only assume that you somehow missed that

However, not everyone claiming to be a Messenger is such, of course, and I
for one don't see how Aleister Crowley, often referred to as "the blackest of
the Black magicians" who signed his name with the "A" making a penis and
testicles, really has anything to do with the Great Lodge. But that is
probably a discussion for Theos-roots, no?


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