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CWL and Mars

Oct 01, 1995 07:44 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> It basically comes down to something like "get that stuff out of here, I
> don't want to read it", and we're picking one particular area of discussion
> we don't like and saying "put this on a list I don't read so I won't have to
> be bothered to delete it from my email".
> -- Eldon

A bit puzzled that the post in which the above occurs is under
Subject: CWL & Mars?

There may be some folk who still have slow modems or pay
premiums for e-mail. Tonight I downloaded 52 postings from
theos lists alone, some of which will have me reaching for the
delete key as a routine activity. IMO some of the discussions
on Globes and such has become extremely intellectual and
technical - too much for a *general* discussion list. Imagine
being a newbie to Theosophy and finding oneself in the middle of
all this on theos-l. Such a person might be frightened away
from Theosophy altogether, thinking they would never get the
hang of it.

Some of us went to theos-roots for historical discussions, not
because we were pushed there, but because theosophical history
*is* about our common roots, and is therefore appropriate there.


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