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Re: Symbols and Bridges 1

Oct 10, 1995 05:31 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> [writing to Jerry S]

>In all primary Theosophical sources (and Crosbie and Purucker stick to this)
>only 2 bodies are spoken of, physical and astral, and only 7 senses -- 5
>developed, 2 to go. I have never heard that Manas has a "body" on its own
>plane, with or without senses.

I was reading in "The Inner Group Teachings of H.B. Blavatsky" (pages 108-10):

"When a man visits another in his Astral Body, it is the Linga-Sharira which
goes, but this cannot happen at any great distance"

[Note that Blavatsky equates astral with Linga-Sharira, whereas Leadbeater
makes them two things and calls the Linga-Sharira the "etheric body".]

"When a man thinks of another at a distance very intently, he sometimes
appears to that person. In this case it is the Mayavi-Rupa, which is
created by unconscious Kriyasakti, and the man himself is not conscious
of appearing. If he were, and projected his Mayavi-Rupa consciously, he
would be an Adept. No two persons can be simultaneously conscious of one
another's presence, unless one be an Adept."

[Note that we are not aware of others in the sphere of effects until
we're Adepts.]

"Dugpas use the Mayavi-Rupa and sorcerers also. Dugpas work on the Linga-
sharira of other perople. ..."

"The Astral Body is the subjective image of the man, ... the model of the
physical body in which the child is formed and developed."

"The Linga-Sharira may be hurt by a sharp instrument ... Nothing however
can hurt the Mayavi-Rupa or thought-body, since it is purely subjective."

"The projection of the Astral Body should not be attempted, but the power
of Kriyasakti should be exercised in the projection of the Mayavi-Rupa."

The astral body is the image in the astral light that governs our physical
form, and is the seat of our senses. The physical is really concreted
astral, and not a separate plane or principle. Our sense perception is
astral, though we usually depend upon the physical eyes, ears, etc. for
sensory input, upon which to base that perception.

Apart from the astral body, of which the physical is a precipitation, we
can using the creative power of mind create a projected body or seat of
awareness, the Mayavi-Rupa. This is not a "mental body" on "the mental
plane", but rather a mind-created body. It also is in the astral light
of our Globe D earth, as also is the nirmanakaya, yet another type of
self-created seat or focus of awareness.

The physical Globe D earth that we see is concreted astral, which is the
real Globe D. It's sphere of effects consists of the -- to us -- subjective
states as we are disembodied, yet in the atmosphere of Globe D. We are
still with the earth, but in the after death states we give up the lower
principles, and are no longer manifest and engaged in the karmic give-and-take
of outer life.

I realize that all these ideas would sould strange in the context of the
picture that I onced studied from Leadbeater's books, but seems both
consistent with Blavatsky (and Purucker), and much more satisfying an
explanation to me. I'm also open to further adjusting and refining the
ideas with additional studies -- and also from learning from others in
a give-and-take interchange of ideas.

-- Eldon

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