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re: historical and doctrinal

Oct 23, 1995 06:07 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Jerry S:

>John, this explains exactly why Rich's desire to preserve
>the "teaching AS IT WAS GIVEN" must eventually come to naught.
>The seed must either bloom into something else, or die. It has no
>other options, no matter how hard we want to preserve it. All
>of the world's religions eventually discover this, though it may
>take thousands of years. Thus the need for periodic Messengers.

You're right, unfortunately, since all movements have their
eventual end, and new Messengers need to be sent out by the

This is speaking, though, of the Theosophical Movement as an
exoteric body or organization in the world. As an organization,
it has its respective lifecycle.

The timeless teachings themselves, though, do not ride this
lifecycle, only their exoteric garb, the culture-specific words
that they are clothed in.

As individuals, we can enaged a spiritual practice, and get at
the lifeblood of the Teachings, and use them to brighten our
world and the world about us. This is regardless of the status
of the external movement.

Seeing that the Theosophical Movement continues, remains healthy,
and is of public benefit, is a noble work. It's something that we
should share responsibility for, having benefited from it. Our
baby, though, will grow up, leave home, grow old, and die one day.
Still, though, we love it, and work to see that it has its day
in the world.

-- Eldon

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