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Re: To Daniel - On Science

Oct 13, 1995 00:50 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Don,

Well, let me tellya ... it seems we're going the same way on this

First off a slight but important correction: the 3rd object says
"powers latent in NATURE and in man."

I have always thought that our 3rd object was very vibrant, in that
it meant that we should all keep abreast of the latest findings of
science, as good as we were
able. Of course, my major was French, so my knowledge of what's going
on in the sciences is minimal, but I have been trying to keep up at
least with the most important findings, & also those of interest to

I noticed a while back that people on this list were talking about
the 3rd object as just meaning to explore ESP & etc. which isn't all of nature &
man that's unknown, and rather a narrow view. I sent a note to
Wheaton requesting some clarification of this in the AT, & was
informed back that they were thinking about doing it.

You write "it would be ideal if there would come a day when Theosophy
would dovetail & fuse with science." My suggestion is to write up
your ideas on this, if you have the time, & submit them to the AT. If
they have any sense at all, & you write in an interesting fashion, I think
 they'd print it.

Of course, Theosophy should not only dovetail with science, because
our beliefs also lead into religion, psychology,
probably other fields of study I can't think of just now. That's what
fascinates me so much about Theosphy, it's so broad based.

Lastly, I wonder whether you've come across Serge King's "Earth
Energies". It deals with experiments with Prana, known to Serge's
Hawaiians as Mana, & to other researchers as orgone, & etc.. He goes
into the history of people who've
experimented with this force, beginning with Mesmer, I think, &
ending with experiments he's done himself, & suggestions for further
exploration. I read this book several years ago, so don't know with
my present sense of what's right, how good his experiments are. I
can't give a quick look, because Joe McD. borrowed the book. At
the time, I thought they were real good. Serge's got a PhD in clinical
psychology, & I think did some studying in archeology or
anthropology. He's also a shaman, & my experience with shamans is
that they're keen experimenters.



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