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Re: Ignoring 95%

Oct 30, 1995 06:55 PM

Paul Johnson choose to post his "Ignoring 95%" on theos-l, although it probably
should have been posted on theos-roots. I will briefly comment on theos-l.

It is somewhat amazing to me how Johnson has now become a psychologist,
psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Whether Dr. Algeo and I are motivated by fear
or not in our criticisms of Johnson's books is really not the issue. The
issue is whether our criticisms of Johnson's work have merit or not.

Apparently Johnson would rather not deal directly with our
historical criticismsand the issues raised by those criticisms;
instead he seems to play the role of a martyr. This is all smoke
and mirrors as far as I can see. I do have a degree in psychology
but I will not attempt to analyze Johnson's psyche. Instead I will
continue to review various ideas, hypotheses and issues in Johnson's
books about the Theosophical Masters. These will be posted on
Theos-roots. Those interested in these historical matters can
read, study and assess the merits of my criticisms regardless of
my motivations,etc.

Daniel Caldwell

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