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Oct 06, 1995 03:34 PM
by Bee Brown

>>I wonder if the messenger needs to be physical. . . I have heard talk of
>Jesus >being back on the 5th dimension or the invisible realm, anyway. Maybe
>this time >the upliftment is coming from the next spiritual dimension, whatever
>that may be, >and some are expecting to be physically transformed to meet up
>with the >messenger in that plane.
>The Bailey material has stated that it was very possible that the Christ would
>not return in a physical body, but be born in the hearts of mankind. This
>suggests to me that many people would be taking the first initiation. En masse.
>- ann
That seems to be the general idea. There is a growing belief in that
scenario. I look around the Web in that scene and the stuff some of them
write is a little wacky even for me but there is so much of it. There are
groups formed to teach the concept of ascension and many channelers are
advocating all sorts of things. I know of a group that has moved themselves
2 times because of advise through channelings. There seems to be a sort of
expectation and I wonder if that has been seeded in our consciousness so
that we will look beyond our little selves and see that something has to be
done to make ourselves and our world a better place to live in. It is
interesting to see the sort of people that come to the various lectures the
our Lodge has. Here in NZ we are quite small and we rely on our HQ to
organise visiting lecturers to the Lodges. The topic draws certain people
and I see the same ones appear at specific lectures. We had a talk, last
year on the Spiritual Aspect of the Tarot and we had a full house. Then we
have a good solid Theosophical talk and only the members were there. We had
18 to a workshop on Dreams and 7 to one on Alchemy. There seems to be a
reluctance to use the 'grey matter' which seems to be reflected in
attendance. If, as president, I was to bring in to speak some of the local
New Agers, I know that lots of people would come. I am sorry about that and
we try to keep a balance between talks for members and talks for the public.
They are definitely interested in the current ideas but need to have them
presented in the New Age way. Won't they be surprised if in fact, it
actually comes about, en masse.

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