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Re: Digest option

Oct 13, 1995 09:32 PM
by John E. Mead

>Recently someone (Murray?) posted about the option of getting
>theos-l as a daily digest rather than individual messages.
>Could this be reposted?
>I'm doing an ARE home study/research project on transforming
>attitudes and emotions. Exercise #1 is to scrutinize one's
>mental diet with the same criteria the Cayce readings give for
>one's physical diet: 1) avoid toxic substances 2) have a
>balanced intake and 3) combine different foods carefully rather
>than randomly.
>I think it would be healthier to read all the messages at once,
>and mull over responses, than to check in every couple of ours
>and react immediately to the latest whatever. This seems like
>a way of applying principle #3.
hi -

to set up stuff in digest mode ---

send to

set theos-l mail digest
set theos-buds mail digest
set theos-roots digest

p.s. I've been gone/out/busy for a couple months (at least).
hopefully, I've now got the time to catch up on stuff.
or rather --- at least start reading my mail.

peace -

john mead

John E. Mead
[Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers]

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