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Re: Question to Jerry HE

Oct 09, 1995 05:27 AM
by Coherence

The explanation of position by this apparently long-time student presents
some wise words about how we should view our "Teachers". Of course HPB and
the Masters are human and fallible. They themselves have said so, clearly.
 That some students idolize them or assume they are perfect is the problem of
the students not of the Teachers.

In the ML's, KH states that an Adept is only one when acting as one, using
the analogy of a permanently flexed muscle -- not easy, if not impossible --
and even then when acting as one, subject to some difficulties. KH tells the
very funny story of one of his fellow workers "communicating" with a friend
in some telepathetic manner and ran into a beam, bloodying his nose. Now
let's face it, these are the stories of inspiration to us because they tell
us that these great beings ARE OR WERE MEN, HUMAN, and that we too can reach
the level where they are. Personally, for me, I feel closest to them when I
realize that they are just like me, only a little further along, and that if
I try real hard, I can catch up.. What better picture is there than HPB
continuously rolling smoking her own cigarettes? What fun!

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