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Re: Hi again, and a few questions

Oct 30, 1995 11:06 PM
by Richtay

As far as the material the the T.S. is putting out for education:

it isn't that the CWL stuff is no longer "popular" in Theosophy today, but
that when it was written it WAS popular and so went against the grain of what
had been given out by HPB and the Masters in the beginning, which was not so
easy to understand at first and not so "popular."

In short, as Jerry seems to be hinting, for the most part CWL botched it
pretty badly with his own delusions of grandeur and confused religious

Better introductions are *The Key To Theosophy* (HPB)
*The Ocean of Theosophy* (William Q. Judge)
*Epitome of Theosophy* (William Q. Judge)
Collected articles of HPB and WQJ

I'm sure Jerry H-E has more suggestions, including his own sophisticated
introductory masterials.


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