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Re: CWL, LCC, Adyar, Olcott etc.

Oct 03, 1995 10:27 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Anne wrote:
> I for one, am very glad it existed in 1971. Both my parents were emotionally
> and physically abused as children. They brought what had been shown to them to
> their parenting. I was an only child and by the time I got to college I was
> pretty messed up.
> In 71' I began reading Cayce books that I had borrowed from the
> public library.  At the college I was attending, someone from the
> local LCC put up a poster for the church. It opened up a whole
> new world for me, one that I did not even know existed. It saved
> my life. I was married in the church and still have friends from
> that time.
> Maybe if the LCC had not existed, I would not exist either. Perhaps I would
> have turned to drugs, alcohol or who knows what. IMHO, every group that works
> with a sincere heart, can do good in the world. Even if they do not happen to
> agree with your personal opinions or philosophy.
> Perhaps, Brenda, who "loves that Leadbeater", has found great personal
> satisfaction in his works. We both have had good experiences with things you
> are condemning and we may find it difficult to comprehend your negativity.
> Personally speaking, I have a problem with Deepak Chopra. The guy makes me
> squirrelly. I think he's just rehashing yogic stuff and making a bundle off of
> it. But I know there are people who are benefiting.
> While I'm on the subject, I've also been every satisfied with
> Olcott in Wheaton.  Nothing is perfect, but I have enjoyed the
> annual meetings, summer school, lectures, study group, lodge and
> newsletter. I find Quest to be a bit too intellectual for me, but
> that's me. Olcott is serving my needs just fine, thank you.
> I would like to pose some questions to Jerry and Rich: What is your ideal
> theosophical organization? What ideas would it be founded on? How would it be
> structured? Would it have a central headquarters? Branches? What would
> membership be based on? Would it ban Leadbeater and Besant from being studied?
> What works would it emphasize? What do think should happen to the ES? What
> would you do to make HPB easier to understand? How would you make theosophy
> more acceptable to the intelligentsia and those with "real power"?
> Also, in what ways do you think theosophy would be different
> if Judge would have succeeded HPB? And finally, what would you
> do if another group of theosophists, who did not agree with your
> ideas, formed a rival organization?
> -ann

Lewis: Thank you Ann for expressing some of my thoughts and feelings
on these topics. It seems to me we get so involved with what is
"wrong" with these people and their associated organizations that we
don't talk about what is "right" and very helpful about them. The old
adage of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

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