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another good quote, part 1 of 2

Oct 21, 1995 10:33 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

p.185 "Talks on the Path of Occultism"

This is now commentary on the 2d fragment of "The Voice of the

"The Secret Heart is the esoteric doctrine. It is a symbol that comes
down to us from Atlantean days. In the innermost shrine of the great
temple in the City of the Golden Gate there lay upon the altar a
massive golden box in the shape of a heart, the secret opening of
which was known only to the high priest. This was called 'The Heart
of the World', and signified to them the innermost mysteries that
they knew. In it they kept their most sacred objects, and much of
their symbolism centered around it. They knew that every atom beats
as a heart, and they considered that the sun had a similar movement,
which they connected with the sun-spot period. Sometimes one comes
across passsages in their books which give the impression that they
knew more than we do in matters of science, though they regarded it
all from the poetic rather than from the scientific point of view.
They thought, for example, that the earth breathes and moves, and it
is certainly true that quite recently scientific men have discovered
that there is a regular daily displacement of the earth's surface
which may be thought of as corresponding in a certain way to
"When Aryasanga uses the term 'secret heart' he also means all the
inner mysteries. Madame Blavatsky's footnote says:
 'The Secret Heart is the esoteric doctrine.'
Here the Teacher by 'shunning learning' certainly means that there
are times when we must turn our attention away from the mere gaining
of knowledge from the outside through the senses, that we may give
time to the development of the inner learning through intuition. We
cannot be wise without having sufficient learning or knowledge with
regard to the things that we have to deal with in the world, in our
particular sphere of duty; but on the other hadnd we should be much
in error if we thought that the greatest thing in life was to
acumulate great stores of knowledge, or were even to imagine that
such knowledge had intrinsic value, apart from the use that we can
make of it in the service of mankind." CWL

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