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Oct 09, 1995 00:29 AM
by Aprioripa


>I sincerely hope that scientists are and will be more open to trying to
>apply the scientific method to the "intangible realms".

 They are and they do. There is a distinction between science as a
formalized process of discovering truth and the opinions of so-called
scientists. Science as a process if perfectly applied is infallible while
scientists make mistakes. The central idea of science is making and testing
predictions. If one can make a prediction which comes true based upon one's
ideas then one is at least heading toward some right understanding of
reality. As the intagible realms become real in our experience they will be
"discovered" by science.

 The skepticism in science is a good thing and serves a shield against
all the mistakes and delusions that the mystically inclined (and many who
purport to be theosophists) fall into. Science will accept anything that is
demonstrated by the test of prediction. Theosophists would be well served by
following a similar process in dealing with all the fantastical (and mostly
foolish) psychic claims of so many new agers today.

 Reductionism is one way of problem solving but it is not wired into
science. There are any number of books and articles on holistics and
synergetics in all areas which are accepted by science in general.


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