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Re: More thoughts on abortion

Oct 01, 1995 02:28 AM
by Tracey Benson

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Jerry Schueler wrote:

> <Rich....
> <
> > Eldon: The theosophical groups are one of many
> > junior colleges or extension courses for those of us wanting to enroll in
> > the Mystery Colleges.
> >JRC: Yes. One of many.
> Rich reminds me of myself some 20 years ago in his theosophical
> zeal. Back then, I wrote to Grace Knoche something to the effect
> that I thought theosophy was the sole exponent of truth, and she
> chastised me to the effect that theosophy was but one of many
> paths. This, coming from the Leader of the Pasadena TS, made
> me stop and think. I am sure that Rich will come to see this too
> some day.
> >> There is rich symbolism in the field of chaos. We can learn much from
> >> studying it. By itself, though, it provides no philosophical
> >> or metaphysical understandings. It is an area of mathematical
> >> symbolism.
> > There is in Complexity Theory. And looking at some of the SD
> >through its eyes is a very interesting exercise. And in fact in a number
> >of different areas it is (IMO) clear that the Masters saw things from the
> >Complexity point of view, but lacked the vocabulary currently being
> >developed in the sciences. A lot of the cutting edge of modern science is
> >*remarkably* occult knowledge.
> When Eldon says that Chaos theory is pure mathematics, he is
> speaking of it only from the viewpoint of the chaos scientist. In point
> of fact, the findings from chaos theory are spilling over into all
> disciplines, even those in softer sciences like psychology, biology,
> and management. My Ph.D. is on the interdisciplinary study of
> Jungian psychology in light of the findings of chaos theory. It is
> a fascinating field, and many of the ideas (no, not the math, which
> is only one language that chaos theory uses) are deeply related
> to theosophy and occultism (the close relationship between chaos
> and order - that one comes from the other - is only one example).
> Jerry S.

Perhaps you can help me. I'm trying to find out more about Henri Bergson's
theories in relationship with to Theosophy, was he influenced by
Blavatsky SD? I have been reading a book called "Inventing Bergson" by
Mark Antliff, in the introduction there is a discussion of particle
theory and his ideas on intuition. Antliff states this as being
representitive of the spiritual and the material, but does not index
Theosophy. I am looking at the interwar years, and Theosophy's influence
on Australian cultural life.

I am also very curious about the moebius strip, in the context of spirit
and matter as a possible analogy to what you said about chaos and order.

What do you think?


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