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Oct 19, 1995 01:38 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> As an avid smoker, I am well aware of the impact and unpleasantness that
> others feel toward smoking, so try to be conscientious and minimize the
> effect my choices may have on others. And this is the occult aspect of
> smoking which I perceive -- to what extent will we be aware of the effect our
> actions have on others?
> I really don't feel there are great Karmic effects from merely choosing to
> smoke. But then, I am assuming that pre-mature death from terrible cancers
> are not great Karmic effects! :)

If you were to smoke indoors in the presence of a friend of mine, who
like thousands of people, is asthmatic, she will suffer
considerably for about two days. You will not be aware of this,
as you will not be there. The "vibes" you get from her when you
are there, however, will, no doubt, re-enter your awareness when you are
reviewing your karma in due course ......

Karma is: We can do whatever we like, so long as we are preapred
to pay the price - even if we don't know what the price is. My
understanding of theosophical teaching says, "For your own sake,
find out!"


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