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"Adyar, Inc."


1996 Letter

About Hollywood and Blavatsky


Again on dreams

Re: alone & judgement


Ancient Wisdom Revived

The Animal Oversoul

Animal Souls

Announcement of a search engine on Theosophy

another question (to Eldon)


Astrologers and Theosophists UNITE!

Astrologers Unite!



Baboon errors

Re: Baltimore experience

Re: Baltimore, Vince?

Bart and the Nazi's

Re: Bast

Re: Battle between paper and cyber version

BEE, sure??

Beyond a reasonable doubt

Re: Bias

Bias etc.

Biased books/theosophy

Blatant Sexism

Blatant Sexism!

Re: Blatant Sexism! - Doss

Re: Blatant Sexism! - Eldon

Re: Blatant Sexism! - Eldon (reply to Kym)

Blavatksky's Baboon

Books on net? Really? (HOW???)


Bumper Sticker

Casting Off the Toga.

A Cat's life

Chains and Rounds

Chains, Compassion, Correspondences and the Comfort of Theosophy

Chicago LIberal Catholic Church purchases new building

child sacrifice in India

Co-Masonry URL

Come out and play....

Re: Crank call

Creed and Cult

CWL today, and question


Dear Alan

Demiurgos is Satan - Prince of the Air and Shadows??

Re: Digest 1151

Doggie and Scoobie Doo

Doggie Diarreha

Re: Doggie Doo

Doggie Doo Again

Re: Doggie Doo Original Post

Re: Dolphins

Re: DSArthur on CWL

Re: Eldon (reply to Kym)

empty post

Re: Entering the Pit of Sickly Sweet Ethics, once again...

Ephebophile-- to Kym

Escape from the humans!

Ethics & Guilt

Evolution- so what?

Forced Ethics


Fractals, schmactals

Future of Theosophy

Gary's Six Questions

Gathering at Hector's

The Gauls in the New world


Re: Getting into trouble?

Re: Glimmer of hope!

God's kingdom (fwd)

Re: Going down

Re: Golden Stairs

hearing about theos-l

Hebrew Texts

Help w/blurb (fwd)

Hi to all (a big question)

How Businesses Deal Maillist

HPB and Mormons

HSO's Statement


Re: Huh? -- Correction:


Inspirational Msgs

Internet and Iran and Islam

Internet and TS

Internet progress

Is Theosophy a Religion?

It has occurred to me . . .

Jeff Rense radio show


Jupiter Direct

Re: Jupiter direct

Jupiter going direct?

Just a little more astrolocy

Just a little more astrology

Just remembering (From this unknown world=the 3rd)

K advised Indian Politicians

Re: K Trust Litigation

Kabbalah and theosophy

Kabbalah, Theosophy, etc...


Late message TU

The Light of Krishnamurti

Re: Literalism, inerrantism (fwd)


Re: Logograms, Jupiter, "fuzzy logic"



Magickal Response to Vincent

Masoretes Re: Hebrew Texts

The masters would agree (Why not??)


Re: Medcine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel

More on Cats

More on the movies

Re: My apology

Re: Naming names

Re: nauseating misogynistic generalizations

New Web Pages


Re: The NFC - few comments

Re: NFCs

Not doggie doo.

NT quotes

The Number 7


Re: Numbering (Rev. 13:18)

Oh, Brother! - of the Shadow???

Outward Reflects the Inward

Peace to all beings

Peaks and Valleys


Re: Pedophilia, not homosexuality

Re: Practical Application of Karma!

Practical Aspects of Globes

the Prophet and the teacher


Qabala vs Kabbalah

Qabala vs Theosophy

Re: Qabala vs. Kabala

Register for membership

Satan - to Bart

Schemes of Chains, Rounds and Globes

Re: Self-referential Statements

The September THEOSOPHY WORLD is out


Sexism vs. Truth

Re: Shortened Hairy Issues

Sickly-Sweet Ethics Defined

Signing Off

Re: Simplistic Teaching.


Some fun?!*

Re: Some funnies

Sorry Chuck


Re: Sweet Ethics Defined

A Tarot Question - Portals

Theos-L Digest 1177

Re: THEOS-L digest 1193

Re: THEOS-L digest 1207

Re: THEOS-L digest 1214

Re: THEOS-L digest 1216

Re: THEOS-L partial digest 1208

Theosophy WWW

A thought experiment -in do-nuts

Thought For Food

Three Monkeys

Tid-Bit on Karma

Titus is right

Re: Today

TS celebs

TSA e-mail address changed?

Two "Doss"es in TSA

Re: untrustworthy spiritual paths

Up is down in Australia


The View of the (M) Chohan


Fw: Virus Protection

Web Page

What practices do Theosophists follow?

Where's our 3/2 wit?

Re: Who is the Beast? Who is the AC?

Who is the Beast? Who is the AC? (just a thought)

Who is the Beast? Who is the AC? Does Chuck Really Exist?

Who Ray

why beer is better than Jesus

Why was CWL "compelled"?

Re: Wiccans and Satanists--to Keith

Yes,that is what moves us!!

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