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Re: The NFC

Aug 23, 1997 06:25 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Jerry Schueler <>
> Subject: The NFC
> Date: Friday, August 22, 1997 9:26 PM
> I am not sure what "skin problems" you refer to??
> The Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is a northern cat and
> unlike any other domestic cat.  It is the smartest. 

I've heard that same description of the Siammese cat!
I own one that is mixed breed.  I had one other (cream-point)
for 10 yrs. before he passed on.  Then the next Christmas all
the pet stores had Siammese kittens.  I'd staand there with
tears in my eyes. I finally caved in and bought one for $150.
Now I have this lavender-point who seems
to spend her life either on or under the bed.

>It is
> genetically social (thus is like a dog in cats clothing--can
> be trained, etc). Its hair is like fur and is hypoallergenic 
> (spelling??) -- we sell to a lot of folks who are allergic
> to cats. My wife, Betty, has asthma, and the NFC is the
> only cat she can tolerate (which is a good thing since we
> have the biggest NFC cattery in the US, as far as I know).
Really enjoyed your page and showed it to my husband.

A. Safron

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