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Re: The NFC

Aug 23, 1997 03:07 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Jerry wrote:
> >>> If you like cats, check out my cattery page on
> >>> where Shellay is the name of our cattery. Its got some nice pictures
> >>> of Norwegian Forest Cats.
> I visited your web page and found the care, comfort, and concern toward the
> cats admirable.  However, your diligence in breeding these animals does not
> alleviate the main problem breeders contribute to - the overpopulation of
> animals and the emphasis on animals as commodities.  For every cat you breed
> - and one does wonder how the "breedee" feels about this - and sell, there
> is one less home available for a "regular run-of-the-mill" animal who finds
> itself in a shelter, city pound, or homeless.

	In this particular case, Norwegian Forest Cats have a number of
advantages over common cats. Not the least of these is that they are
highly hypoallergenic; people who otherwise would not be able to have a
cat at all can have Norwegian Forest Cats. Of course, they DO eat

	Bart Lidofsky

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