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Re: THEOS-L digest 1216

Aug 29, 1997 10:24 PM
by libidium

From "K. Paul Johnson" 
> One important appearance of 7 in "nature" is that it has been
> determined by psychologists that 7 is the limit of items that
> can be retained in short term memory.  I illustrated this last
> week when I had 7 things in my car to take to work, and in the
> process of collecting them all forgot to take my keys out of
> the ignition before slamming the locked door.  Merde!  $25 for
> 25 seconds of work by the locksmith.
Oh Paul I loved this story and thanks for the references.
Eight bells and love to you. 
> ------------------------------

> Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 09:17:06 -0700
> From: Titus Roth <>
> You might try California. Another famous Englishwoman, Mary Poppins, found a
> completely new spiritual avenue there.  She developed an uncanny psychic
> ability to predict bad breath. The shingle outside her place of practice read
> Fortunately for me, it's difficult to throw rotten tomatoes and fruit across
> the internet. ;)
O.K. Titus, what's the problem here?  A little jealous are we?  Look ye,
I spent years hiding my light under a bushel, denying who I was and from
whence I came.  It was either let it blossom or maim my husband.  Now
aren't you pleased I chose the former, since Pete is a theosophist. 
Don't worry, it's blossoming with a vengence only at the moment.  Did
you read how I got here?  Maybe it's poetic justice.  Just say the word
and I'm outa here!

By the way, I don't need to do the California fantasy thing as my
daughter did it for me a couple of years ago.  She did all the usual
tourist spots and rented a ragtop and had her commonlaw drive her
majestically down the Coast Highway, stopping off for lunch at Clint
Eastwood's restaurant prior to driving to Las Vegus to stay in the
Luxor.  What better way than for the children to live the dreams of the

Rosehip, I beg you, come let me out of the stocks.

> ------------------------------
> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
Remember, all the information we have about the Druids is
> second-hand or speculation; there is virtually no primary knowledge
> about their society.

I am honoured by your response, Bart.  Merci.  I realize that the above
will eventually create a physical problem following the readings and
have already found that one author says that another author's comments
are untrue and round in circles.  I had already decided how to deal with
this problem.  When the time is right, I will remember it all, both by
remembering what my great-grandparents told me then discarding the post
Roman influences, and because I believe the portal is always there for
when one is worthy enough to pass through.  May not be this lifetime

You wrote about the eigth set.  Surely the infinite set must be included
You scare me a little?  Felicitations.  Annette.      
Dear Lynn:
You're welcome and thanks for the info.  I appreciate tbe offer re the
blood pressure email group but I think I will try natural methods.  A
few years back I found out quite accidently that not only did I have
only one functioning kidney, probably since birth, but that I had a
constriction on the good one.  I refused to have a plastic tube inserted
as I had grown to believe that cutting into the body sort of opened it
up to more medical problems, which put me in conflict with my doctors. 
So I read some books about cancer cures with meditation and meditated
every night for a year telling the constriction to disappear.  It may
still be there but at the end of that year, my renal scan showed normal
kidney functioning.  That proof started me on a spiritual path.  I'm
going to try the same with the blood pressure.

So hows this for stress then:
today I went to pay my bills after leaving them for a month while being
busy at work and opened what I thought was the latest natural gas bill
to find a notice of dicontinuence of service dated 6 days ago for 7 days
from then.  I knew the last two bills were paid because the money went
out of my bank account.  by the time I had waited my turn (we are
experiencing a high volume of calls) and found out that the gas company
had changed all the account numbers in my area, without thinking about
the direct debit by phone customers, my blood pressure was sky high. 
thousands of dollars from consumers went into limbo, "because our
accountants couldn't post it", she said.  That made it worse.  Oh yeah -
blame the accoutants!  I called the bank and they did not know who would
be legally responsible in these circumstances.
and later I got that vile email message from someone named "stone cold".

thank you for caring.  Take care yourself.  annette

Please guys don't think I will keep on like this.  I was so pleased you
were there when my crisis hit and it was obviously the flood gates
opening.  I have been asked for a few months now to set up an informal
discussion group to start off with 5 or so sessions on Love and then see
where it goes.  I've been avoiding doing this, fear of failure, but now
I think I might give it a try.  I lost my confidence there for a while,
but your hints tell me I've got it back.  back to moderation. Love.

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