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Re: THEOS-L digest 1214

Aug 29, 1997 07:59 PM
by libidium

Hi Estrella: glad to meet you.  You wrote:
> You didn't see Asterix's "the great travel" didn't you??

Is this a movie?  Can you give a synopsis as I've never heard of it and
think it might provide me with some info.

You seem to dream vividly.  Do you also interpret your dreams and
utilize the results?  I'll not forget the word cetrus now!

P.S. (whisper) don't tell Doss, but he carries a cetrus to offical

Lots of love.  Annette.

Well MKR, you did kind of forgive me with that amusing story of your
aborted lecture.  Because of the circumstances of my joining the list, I
kind of look to you for email etiquette leadership and was devastated
(for about 15 seconds) when it appeared I had overstepped the limits.

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